Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NaNoWriMo2008 Winner!

I’m exhausted and it’s almost midnight, but I’m just going to post the winner goodies for writing 50,000 words. 

nano_08_winner_large  nano_08_winner_viking_120x238

I can’t decide if I like the shiny gold trophy or the mighty Viking ship better.

So, that was challenge number one – 50,000. 

Challenge number two – get the story finished.  We just met my bad guy, so this could take me a while.  Especially since my productivity will likely slow down.


Sacred Suzie said...

You sound overworked! And having to deal with big stuff. Perfect time for a cleanse! Although that's just more to add to your plate. I hope you managed though, it will help clear the path.

Kim said...

Yeah, congrats on finishing!!