Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cleansing Success!

Ok, I know this post is a bit late since the cleansing was from November 27th, but the more I keep waiting for the right amount of time to blog, the less likely I am to post at all!

I did take pictures, but I’m blogging from work (shhhh – don’t tell my boss!) so I don’t have them available right here.

My ritual at home was fairly basic and built on what I’d done before.  I used the same white candle, but also put out a bowl of vinegar in the kitchen, since I felt like that was one area that had particularly accumulated some negative energy.  I used one of my favourite chimes that just resonates forever with an incredibly pure tone.  I was going to do a physical energy cleansing but when I saw the bathtub, I knew I’d have to clean it first (I need my bathtubs very clean, which is why I use the shower and not the tub most days), so I decided to save that for some other time.  So I just went from room to room in the house blessing it with my white light and my chime.  That’s pretty much all I ended up having time for since I was doing this in the morning before going to work.

But, that’s not all the cleansing I did this month.  I’d been feeling some negative energy at work but wasn’t sure how to tackle it.  Sacred Suzie suggested spraying some holy water around, so earlier in the week I found a bit of time and sunshine to prepare some.  I figured it was perfect for work since it wouldn’t take a lot of time and is also a practical way to bring a bit of moisture into the dry air. 

The days weren’t super sunny, and I couldn’t actually find a spot anywhere outside our townhouse where the sun was shining and where I felt comfortable leaving out a bowl of water.  So I had to put the bowl onto the windowsill.  I realized that I already had the perfect receptacle for this, as we picked up a lovely pottery bowl with a bamboo dipper from Japan. 

I also used this decorative chime that we have that is very hard to describe when my brain is this tired.  So, just know that it’s actually three little bells and I’ll post a picture if/when I get a chance to.  I decided since I was using the Japanese bowl I would give the water blessing a Japanese feel.  We learned from our trip that when you go to a shrine to pray, you ring a bell and clap your hands to get the spirits attention.  So I incorporated that into the blessing.  Then poured the mix into a little spritzer bottle and brought it to work.  I spritzed it around for several days whenever I had a moment and felt the inclination and the office does feel much lighter to me now.

What’s next on my spiritual journeys?  Well, I’m seriously tempted to take part in the next dream board session for December 12th.  Now that I’m done NaNo I have a little bit more time to work on stuff plus I’m in the mood to do something visually creative.  This month Suzie suggested doing a dream board for what dreams we would like to come true for others and I think this has been the most inspirational dream board suggestion so far.  I have a few things in mind but we’ll wait and see how busy the next week is.

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