Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Belly Dance Update


I don’t think I’ve posted that picture of me yet and figured I probably should before the class ends!  Last class is tonight and I’ve really been enjoying it!

Sorry that I don’t have more belly dance pictures, but really it’s just a bunch of gals in work out gear wearing the hip scarves.  Perhaps over time my collection will grow (I’d really love for it to grow, but I have to restrain myself).

I’d really like to continue doing some dance work.  Last class the instructor said that she thought we were all ready for a level 2 class.  But, the last time my friends and I discussed it, we kinda wanted to repeat level 1.  One of my friends isn’t very confident yet and I know she would get totally lost in level 2 so I don’t want to abandon her.  But, there’s also a chance that she won’t end up taking the next session of classes at all, since she’s only made it to about half of the 10 sessions.  We probably have about a month to decide, so hopefully it’ll all work out.

I’d really like to get into making my own costumes eventually too, as the prices on some of them can be quite steep.  Not sure how much it would cost to make one myself, but hopefully it would be a bit less.  I should really look into getting another hip scarf and some different workout pants.  The ones I’m wearing in the picture are old track pants and don’t have a lot of stretch to them.

The nice thing about this week being the last class is that it frees me up to go to a writing session next Wednesday for NaNoWriMo.  It’ll be the first and last writing session I get to attend since my schedule has been so busy.


Kim said...

Cool picture! It sounds like you've really enjoyed the class!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh how wonderfully sensual and beautiful! Love the pic, that shirt rocks. Continue with it in whatever way you need to, it obvious gives you something wonderful.

My husband who is an instructor of martial arts believes in taking beginner's courses even though he teaches them. He says it's always good to really know the basics. He's so wise!

Jenn said...

Just thought I'd update, we found out that the level 2 class is going to be half an hour earlier on Friday nights so that probably won't be a possibility. One of my friends barely makes it on time after work as it is! We've got a 6 week break before the next session begins so there's lots of time to decide what we're going to do.