Saturday, September 15, 2007


I'm sure that all three of my readers have noticed, I have not been blogging very regularly lately. I'd like to shrug it off to the busy season and how much other stuff I've got going on with work and home, not to mention the fact that I decided to start over from scratch on my home computer (and I literally mean with a new hard drive and fresh installations of everything - other technophiles will understand how I feel and for those who don't, I'll compare it to the way bibliophiles feel when they start a new book or get a whif of the "new book" smell). But, to be honest, the most compelling reason for my blogging silence is that I'm re-examining why I blog.

Currently, the blog is just my own ramblings and updates of what is going on in my life. In theory, it's great for keeping friends and family updated with what is going on. In practice (and I can check and see how many people actually read this) I can tell you that it doesn't really work that way. Most of my friends are non-bloggers, my family doesn't really keep up to date (aside from my sister, whom I see at least once a week in person anyway), and I haven't really found an online community where I fit in. Why should I bother just writing about the mundane events of my life when I end up recounting it to half the people I intend to keep updated about that stuff anyways. Besides, with the rise of Facebook, do I really need a blog to keep everyone updated as well.

Lately, I've also noticed that I'm censoring myself on here. I think of something I want to blog about but then I don't feel as though I can because people I know will read it. I crave a bit more anonymity and the greater freedom that it allows.

I've tossed about some ideas in my own head about what I could blog about, but I haven't had any lightbulbs go off for any of them. So, for now, I'm not quite sure what will become of this blog, but I just thought I should let people know what was going on in my head.

(On a completely random side note that no one will probably understand, but that's ok . . . I'm in the mood to watch The Mummy Returns . . . oh, never mind!)


The Nighthawk said...

This post totally deserves a response! My blog is deader than a doorknob for exactly the same reasons (minus the facebook, until yesterday that is... :/ ). You just put it more eloquently than I would have come up with.

However, I still use it as my central websurfing point and for that it's worth keeping. I just don't post to it anymore.

Jen / domestika said...

Do you think maybe an anonymous blog would work better for you, Jenn?

Jenn said...

First of all, thank you for the suggestion. I really appreciate it! I've actually given some thought to starting an anonymous blog somewhere out there in the blogging universe. It certainly would make some things easier when I feel the need to vent or discuss certain things in a frank manner. But, it still wouldn't address the issue of what to blog about. I certainly don't want to just have a rant blog. Right now I'm still giving it some thought. There have been a few things that have come up that have made me think "I should so blog that!" So I don't think I'm entirely out of the space just yet, but I am taking a break. In November I'll be doing the NaNoWriMo thing so I won't have much time for blogging then anyway. We'll see how I feel/what I do afterwards and after the holiday season.