Friday, October 12, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When I originally thought to post about this issue, it was almost one year ago as breast cancer awareness month was just waning. I put a note about it on my PDA and have been looking at it for nearly a year now. However, now that we're in October once again, I'm hit with blogger ennui. Go figure! I want to be able to check off my little note, so it isn't sitting here for another full year, so I'm going to do this post. Know that when I envisioned addressing this topic, it was going to be with a little more enthusiasm than I can currently muster.

I view my breasts as one of my fundamental parts of my womanhood. I cannot imagine how I could 'be' without my breasts. The thought of losing one, or even a part of one, seriously frightens me. I know I am a resilient woman, so I'd fight and struggle and manage to adapt, but I'd rather avoid the whole experience in the first place. I think that my sentiments are probably shared by women of all ages and cultures and in many different places around the world.

Here is where I would be inserting some research and statistics about breast cancer. If you're really that interested, just use some Google-fu people.

Here's my basic take home message for all the women out there: You deserve to be healthy - take time to check your breasts!

I think that women should be checking their breasts regardless of their age and that it should be an act of self-respect and self-love (no, not THAT kind of self-love). I check myself once a week. I know that people say that you only need to do it once a month, but I have a couple of good reasons for my increased frequency . . .

  • I'm need it to be a regular habit so that I won't forget about it. Once a month is not a habit (for me).

  • My breast tissue happens to be naturally lumpy and changes during the month. I want to know what feels normal for me and I think I can best do that by checking once a week instead of once a month.

To make the whole process more enjoyable, I consider it a special "woman appreciation day." I try to appreciate all my womanly bits and pamper myself just a bit. My shower is just a little bit longer and I make sure and thoroughly moisturize my skin. I do a thorough breast exam and take a look at myself in the mirror. I do not allow my inner critic to speak at all during this process. I only allow myself to think positive thoughts about my womanly body.

If you are looking for more info on it a few of the sites that come to mind right now are fitsugar, chatelaine, or ivillage. You should be able to find pointers on examination techniques and you can also sign up for monthly email reminders for breast exams.

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