Sunday, July 01, 2007

Women's Health Ultimate Fitness Update

So today I went ahead and tested myself. I was expecting it to be worse off than it was. I don't enjoy this set of balance, flexibility, and agility exercises as much as the previous ones, so I'm more likely to skip that part of the workout. But, it still seems as though I'm not doing too badly.

Our kick boxing classes are officially on hiatus for the summer. They will possibly return in the fall. So far it looks like summer exercise will be a little less intense, so I might start seeing more plateau's and less of the gentle upward slope, but we'll see.

This week coming up we're starting a month of swimming lessons. Every Tuesday and Thursday we'll be hitting the pool and trying to improve our swimming skills. Plus, I've promised Lance a bike ride today, so we may be doing more of that during the summer too.

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