Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Saturday Curse Chronicles: July 14th edition

So far we've been quiet, but not unbearably so. Work is pretty normal right now. I have letters to fold and my co-worker is moving from half-drunk to hungover. I'm glad to have a bit of a quiet work day since our next week is going to be crazy busy. Here's the itinerary in brief . . .

Sunday: Maple Ridge for family get together and BBQ, then off to a roller-hockey game. Thankfully, I'm just a spectator for the hockey!

Monday: I need to take the Honda in for servicing and there are probably a bunch more errands and chores I *could* do (we'll see how much I get done). Then I pick up husband at work and we head straight out to Vancouver for our SCUBA lesson. Yes, we signed up for an intro SCUBA lesson. It was a whimsical decision. I'll need to visit my doctor first for approval since I used to have asthma. So, I guess I'll be fitting that in on Monday as well. Luckily my doctor's office is now a 2 minute walk from my house.

Tuesday: Both working and then we have swimming lessons.

Wednesday: I'm working the afternoon/evening and Lance is working his normal day shift.

Thursday: Both working and then more swimming lessons.

Friday: We're having a Jyhad night, location unconfirmed.

Saturday: We both have the day off and get to go to Amy and Jerry's wedding! I can't wait! It should be a blast!

Sunday: I don't think we have any plans . . . yet. But, there is that new Harry Potter movie that's out.

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Kim said...

I totally would have come to visit you today!! I should have actually as my day in Victoria was totally crappy! I'll tell you the full story tomorrow! Oh, and I'll tell you what happened after you left the pub last night!