Friday, July 13, 2007

About my test . . .

First of all, the test itself wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm fairly certain that I've passed, but we'll wait and see when the marks come out in the next couple weeks. But, I did have a few musings about the day in general I thought I'd share . . .

I had to go downtown to SFU's Harbour Centre campus. I'm not extremely familiar with the area but it's very easy to get to. The most confusing part (aside from getting to the campus inside the tower building) is knowing which way to turn when you walk out of the skytrain station. I'm notoriously bad for picking the wrong way. When I get off the skytrain I should really just pick which direction 'feels' right and then turn around and walk the other way.

After finding my way to the campus again I discovered that, just like the last test I took, there was yet another beautiful lunch buffet set up for some other lucky group of people. In the sweltering temperatures, I'm not sure which was more tempting - the fresh fruit and decadent pastries or the large tubs of ice they were using to chill the beverages.

A note about the room numbering at SFU, some rooms had no numbers on the doors while others had two differently numbered doors to get through, like the ladies room which was room 1222 located through the door numbered 1220. Not really sure about the reasoning behind putting different numbers on those doors.

The luncheon must've had some sort of library affiliation since many of the people getting to eat had a library book bag. I should've boldly stepped up and taken a place in line wielding my own book bag for protection.

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