Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pre-Exam Jitters

So tomorrow is my Big Scary Test and at this point I'm just hoping that I pass. Now, saying that, I probably will, so I should feel relieved. But, I'm not. I'm still quite nervous about it. The topics seem so nebulous right now and I'm wondering at my ability to recall enough relevant material to properly answer the questions. I know that I'm bright enough to BS my way through the questions if it were to be marked as a University Arts course, but the CAIB markers may not be that generous.

So, I'm just trying to review the material as much as possible right now. I'm also trying to distract myself by thinking of all the things I can look forward to after the exam. I was going to say that I was looking forward to getting rid of my exam notes, but we'll save that little ceremony (involving fire) until after I get my mark back - better safe than sorry after all.

But, here are the other things I'm really looking forward to once the exam is done . . .

  • Starting to play through a video game with Lance. We decided to play through one of the higher Final Fantasy games this summer. I can't remember which one though. That will start once he finishes Fire Emblem.
  • Reading actual books again. I've already started reading Body Clutter, which I'm looking forward to finishing. I'm also part way through The Once and Future King, which I'm REALLY looking forward to finishing (it's a thick book). I plan on re-reading the Golden Compass trilogy after that.
  • Splurging on myself. I'm getting some Avon products in later this week and I've still got some allowance money to spend from this month. I'm thinking I'll invest some of it in some new clothing or makeup.
  • Getting back on track with everything household related. I really would like to feel like things are back on track there. They aren't very far off track right now, but just enough to be adding to my overall stress level.
  • Moving on to other challenges at work. This was the entry level stuff. Now, I can start pursuing other things that are a bit more interesting to me personally. Our company has a website that I think I'll actually try to put online and I think I'd like to take a look at learning some basic programming stuff. (I know, I'm such a computer nerd).
  • Finishing the transition of data from my old Palm to my new iPAQ. I'm still not finished. But, when I no longer have an exam to study for (I hope) I won't feel guilty about sitting down and spending some time copying over all those notes and trying out a few different programs to tweak my new machine. The arrival of my 2 GB memory card (which will hopefully be soon) should help too.
  • Watching some movies. We just bought a whole tonne of them and haven't had a chance to watch any yet. On a slightly related note, I'm changing the DVD catalogue software that we use, so I have to re-enter the whole collection. So, I'm looking forward to having time to do all that too.
Well, that's about all I can think of. Now I need to brush my teeth and then spend some time reviewing before work.

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Kim said...

Woot woot! I'm sure you'll rock your exam!! And you have a ton of stuff to look forward to after you're finished the exam, so it's all good :-) Let us know how you do!!