Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Data loss

Something bad happened today. I lost all my online calendar data. Well, not all of it - I still have my BC Lions schedule. All the other info, my plans, important birthdates, husband's hockey schedule (including the record of wins and losses), recurring payments, all got zapped somewhere into neverland this morning. I haven't been able to find a single place from which I can restore it. So, I get to start over from scratch. I'm using it as opportunity to streamline my system so that I have fewer duplicate events and better syncronization between my online calendars, computer calendars, and handheld calendar (because all three got completely wiped out).

Part of the computer problem was my lack of patience since I think I 'ok'd myself through a couple screens that I shouldn't have on one of the new programs I'm trying out for data syncronization. I started working on a weekly rotating computer maintenance system a while ago and I think that I really need to step that up into crisis mode and get my computer back into shape. I'm a physical and electronic packrat. The physical clutter is a lot easier to get rid of because it's very easy to see how much space it consumes. Electronic clutter is much harder to notice and tends to stick around a lot more. But, this might be a good kick in the pants for me to get that into shape. I have a long to-do list for the computer and I've decided that I won't download anything new until I've got the existing stuff under control. I've even uninstalled some of my Firefox add-ons that I wasn't using regularly to try to speed up that program.

I think my data loss has momentarily fried my brain. Despite not being very busy at work, I've only really managed to work on one file and haven't even completed the work that I need to do to my satisfaction.

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Raymond Ho said...

hey jen,

if i could suggest a quick and easy backup solution that works for me...

the way i see it, you have two options: backing up to cd/dvd or backing up to a hard drive mounted in a 3.5" external enclosure. I recommend the latter. The problem with cd/dvd media is that it can get scratched, has a finite amount of storage space and reads/writes comparatively slower than a hard drive.

An external enclosure is great because it's plug n play, limited only to your HD space, it's much much faster than cd media, AND it's a great way to move massive amounts of data between two computers (not already linked via network).

here is a link to one of the best computer parts stores in Richmond.

just ask that they prep the HD for you in the enclosure otherwise you will need to format it yourself (not a huge deal). after that, it's a relatively painless process... plug n play.