Saturday, July 21, 2007

Slow going computer recovery

Well, the process of restoring my data seems to be going quite slowly. I uninstalled a bunch of things and then slowly started re-installing. I've got Outlook installed along with Activesync and I wanted to get my iPAQ syncing and charging normally first. However, Activesync doesn't seem to want to work for me right now. It had issues finding the device at first. Now that it has found it, it seems to hang while trying to sync the data up. I'm not 100% sure that it is hanging because I'm too impatient and just stop it when I don't see much progress. However, tonight I'm going to my friends' wedding and I'm not bringing along a purse. So, this is a good excuse to leave it behind with a lot of time to sync. We'll see how it is when I get back tonight. Or, if we party hard enough, when I wake up tomorrow morning.

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1 comment:

Kim said...

But you ended up bringing your palm . . . what happened??