Monday, June 04, 2007

Women's Health Ultimate Fitness: 2nd month update

So, I think my last update I miscalculated because it's time that we switch exercises entirely, which means it's been 2 months. I'm feeling pretty pleased because I'm definitely seeing little gains. My heart rate seems to be pretty good according to these measures and I'm feeling better with my balance. My overall body strength is also improving. I can really tell I'm doing ok in my kick boxing class since I can do three 3-minute rounds of skipping with no problem and felt pretty good after yesterday's class. I think my agility score is improving too.

I'm looking forward to switching exercises though, since there are a couple that I'm not enjoying very much. In particular, there was a one-legged bridge chest press exercise that I wasn't overly fond of. Also, since my flexibility score hasn't improved at all, I'm hoping some different stretches will help get me more limber.

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