Friday, June 01, 2007

May Reviews and June Previews

May went by in the blink of an eye. I was supposed to be focusing on "Growth" goals, and while I did do a fair bit of studying, I don't think I did particularly well. I felt anxiety about the house and work. I had a lot on my plate and didn't really feel like things were being covered until just the end of the month. I guess I did make progress though in that I feel like things are much more under control now.

I handed the meal planning and dinners over to Lance, although we're still going to do cooking together most of the time. He's also helping out with the accounting stuff. I think that's as much to help him feel in control and in touch as it is to help me out.

I feel like I'm not pushing myself hard enough when it comes to my workouts though. I'm skipping days and not keeping up with 6 days a week. Missing kick boxing class has really thrown me for a loop I think. It's much easier to feel motivated when I've got that class to go to. I'm kind of lamenting the fact that they aren't going to have it during the summer this year. But, it's kind of nice to have our Sundays free too. Plus, maybe I'll just try to continue and maintain instead of seeing actual improvements. Who knows!?! Well, I guess I should figure it out since this months value focus is "Health."

So far for June, things are looking incredibly stinkin' busy! I've got showers, stagettes, concerts, training sessions, and I'm supposed to be learning the second half of CAIB 4 too! When the heck am I going to have a chance for focusing on health? I suppose mental health would count though.

Ok, since I am going to be so busy, I should keep an eye to maintaining positive health so that I can function optimally. Here's what I really want to focus on . . .

-regular exercise - I won't beat myself up if I don't exercise 7 days a week, but regular workouts help to keep me sane!

-getting sleep when I can - I'll probably be crashing early several nights because I'll have other nights that are late ones. I really need to be sure to get enough shuteye so I can avoid being grumpy.

-eating properly - I really need to start looking at the food I bring as discrete snacks and meals instead of simply bringing a bunch of food and eating it without discrimination. Sometimes, I eat more than I should simply because it's there. I think planning out a list of what I'm going to eat might help. In general, I think I need fewer but larger snacks.

-taking time for myself - I need to be sure to give myself mental veg time too. Even treating myself occasionally if I do enough chores.

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