Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Curse Chronicles: June 9th Edition

So, it seems as though this Saturday is holding true to the pattern of the Saturday curse. It is very, very quiet. The mall is busy but we are not. Actually, I should modify that . . . The mall has many customers but we do not. I am still busy with a stack of letters to fold. Plus, I am so freaking tired that I don't mind the lack of customers. I'm trying to be all nice and everything, but I really just want to be home snuggled in bed and sleeping.

At least I took advantage of last night's insomnia and made it semi-productive. I watched a couple episodes of Sex in the City and started looking into modifying the current blogger template. I found some great resources. You'll know how my insomnia is doing based on how quickly the website changes.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Guess I should have stopped by on my way home to entertain you! Oh well . . . I was able to get several important things done after I got home :-)