Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well, here we go again . .

So, I managed to clear out my inbox at work yesterday. This morning is a quiet lazy morning and we haven't had many customers in the office at all. So, I was hopeful that I'd get some time to blog a bit today and do an update. Then, my boss called and 'the list' for August is in. So, now, my day is going to be spent doing some data entry and checking names and addresses for just over 1200 transactions.

Anyway, I thought I'd still fit in a micro update for you all . . .

Kickboxing is almost over :( No summer sessions are offered either. So, we're going to take some swimming lessons instead. Lance is thinking about doing a triathalon but would like to brush up on his swimming and biking skills first.

I am in the process of upgrading my old Palm pilot. I bought an HP iPAQ and it has a cell phone integrated right into it. I'm not planning on using the phone much and I haven't even had time to set up the voice mail function on it. It's going to be a slow transition process though because I now have a completely different operating system. There are a few applications that I already know that I'll have to replace with some alternate programs, so it's going to be a long process of downloading, installing, and trying out different programs. I also need to get a few accessories for it . . . headphones that actually fit my ears . . . a mini-SD card so I can have more than 1 podcast loaded on there at a time.

Work is going pretty well. I'm just feeling a lack of motivation right now. I'd really like to be doing anything else. But, I've got that Big Scary Test coming up in July! Eeek! I'm making pretty good progress on it. I'm a bit behind my study schedule, but I did schedule in 2 weeks to review at the end and I should still have most of that time for reviewing and practicing answering questions. I'm just glad that the marks are out about a week after you write. I can't stand waiting for the mark after the test. Even if I fail, I'd rather have the mark sooner than later.

Oh, and I'm officially a Heroes fan now. I've seen an episode or two and we're buying the first season when it's released in August :)


Kim said...

Wow, you became a Heroes fan after only an episode or two? Cool! Say, when you're finished watching the first season on DVD, can I borrow it?

domestika said...

Ah, you are indeed a busy person! So you probably won't thank me for this, a perfect stranger wandering onto your blog and tagging you for this Seven Things game... I am blushing at my own sheer effrontery, really I am! Hope you'll want to play along...
;-) Jen

The Nighthawk said...

Yay! Another Heroes fan! :) I loved that show, it was the only thing on TV I made sure I was home to watch when it aired. I will try not to speak of it too much this weekend so as not to spoil anything for you, but what a great show. :)

Can't wait to see Michael on Saturday.