Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seven Random Things . . .

Here's the deal . . . normally I don't really participate in things like this. It just isn't my thing. But, I was so nicely tagged by Domestika over at so you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?, I figured it would be rude not to respond at all. However, I'm I'm going to break the rules a bit and not pass it on to seven other bloggers. But, I know there are a few people out there in my little blogging circle who might read this and think it's cool, so feel free to steal it from me and pass it along.

The Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog post with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I love being an all natural Blonde! Living through 2 decades of blonde jokes has not managed to quelch my pride in my hair colour. I briefly strayed from my roots in high school, but as I mature more I find that I enjoy my hair colour more and more. I have the odd flicker when I'd like to be a brunette so I could be taken more seriously, or when I'd like to be a redhead so I could be a bit more fiery, but most of the time, me as a Blonde is just fine. (And please note there are NO capitalization mistakes in that paragraph!)

2. I've only ever been bitten by a dog twice in my life. Once was on the knee by my own dog and once was on the nose by my cousin's dog.

3. Until I was much further along in my teenage years than I would like to admit, I thought that VanCity was a store that sold waterbeds. Just waterbeds, not any other kind of bed. I have no clue how I started thinking this!

4. I don't believe that chewing gum is a viable option for me so I avoid it whenever possible.

5. I am a computer abuser. *hangs head in shame* There are no programs to rehabilitate computer abusers so I'm designing one myself.

6. I have major problems accurately describing things like colour. So, I tend to use compound words . . . for example: "it's a greeny-browny-yellowy colour."

7. I like to live life dangerously so I never use those paper toilet-seat covers that are in some public washrooms.

So, there you have it. Seven random things about me.


Jen / domestika said...

Breaking rules is good (if no one's hurt in the process, of course) and I love how you describe colours! So much more vivid than "pale chartreuse" or, worse yet, something like "San Diego green"... Thanks for playing along: you're a good sport!

Kim said...

Which one of our dogs bit you? I remember, of course, the dog biting you on the nose . . . but I have no memory of one of our dogs biting you on the knee!