Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Saturday Curse Chronicles

Well, I've blogged before about the phenomenon I call "The Saturday Curse" and today is just reinforcing all my past experience.

For yet another Saturday, my normal co-worker and partner in crime is gone, and my sister-in-law is working with me. Things are a bit more pleasant today, but we are very slow again. I don't even really have much by the way of busy tasks to work on.

She recently took a brief break for about half an hour. About 3 minutes after she left I had a customer. During that simple transaction though, my computer crashed as two more people arrived in the office to do their insurance too. As soon as I got my computer back up and running and finished helping the customers, another more complex transaction came up with the next customers to walk in the door. I finished that off and they left just as my co-worker walked back in through the mall doors. Talk about perfect timing!

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