Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An unusual thing happened . . .

on my way home from work tonight. I got pulled over by the police! Now, those of you who know how I drive may think that this is not at all unusual. In fact, you might be thinking "well it's about time!" However, you'll understand that it was unusual when I mention that I was on the bus and not actually driving! Yup, our whole bus got pulled over by the police.

We were just starting to pull away from the tracks when flashing lights came up from behind. Normally the bus pulls over and waits for the Emergency vehicle to pass. Tonight, the flashing lights stayed behind us, and a young female police officer came up to the front of the bus. She got on and let the driver know she was just looking for someone who they thought might be on the bus. She was incredibly alert the whole time and I could tell she was ready for action. It turns out the person they were looking for wasn't on board.

In not so exciting or interesting bus news, my seating strategy failed tonight! Normally I sit at the back of the bus because it's lit at night and I often like to read. However, I've noticed that on my Wednesday evening commutes, there happens to be two other regular commuters who also sit at the back of the bus. We'll call one of them "loud girl" and the other one "stinky guy." It's such a strong habit for me to go right to the back of the bus, I normally end up sitting there trying not to breath through my nose and trying to block out the annoying noise. The bus is just crowded enough that I can't really change seats. This week I was determined not to fall into the same trap! I chanted to myself at several points at the day "sit at the front, sit at the front, sit at the front" just so I wouldn't forget. When the bus came, I did remember to get a seat at the front of the bus. However, at the next stop (the usual stop for "loud girl" and "stinky guy") stinky guy got on and sat down at the front of the bus! I guess he didn't bring his usual newspaper that he reads at the back. Luckily, "loud girl" went to the back, but there were two other people having a loud enough conversation to slightly annoy me never-the-less.

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