Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lip Products

Remember my 5-Things post?

I cleaned out my purse and discovered that I had 9 different lip products in there! Nine! That were just in my purse! I have one lip gloss at work, 2 lip balms in the bedroom, and I don't know how many more in my general make-up stash. And just yesterday I was looking at some lipsticks thinking . . . "well maybe I should pick one up." It's nearly un-natural! Does anyone else have any weird collections of stuff they continue to buy and not use?

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Henna said...

Haha, I think a lot of women end up having those lipstick collections - it seems like whenever I walk out the door I grab a lipstick and throw it in my purse, and of course a month later, I've got 10 of them in there! :)