Monday, October 02, 2006

Well, I half fixed it

So, I spent a few hours tinkering with my blog and reading help sections from official and unofficial sources trying to get my sidebar back up to the side where it belongs. It turns out the problem was a couple of posts that I did via email a while ago. They were adding some random code into the posts and this was screwing things up (even though the guilty posts were no longer being displayed on my main page). Anyway, no more email posts for me!

While I was tinkering I decided to change my template, so this is what I picked (for now). I may tinker some more with it and customize some colours a bit. We'll see how much energy and motivation I have for it vs. other things.

But, because I can't have my cake and eat it to (or maybe I should say, have my blog and view it too), another problem came up and I'm too tired to fix it right now. Despite taking the time to add and rearrange my sidebar elements previewing things over and over again to make sure I got it aesthetically right, my blog wants to display things in its own order. It just won't save things the place I put them. So, the order is a bit jumbled up, but it's all there. The only thing I've left off is the weather one and I think that was a bit too big for the sidebar anyway.

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Kim said...

Wow, what a shock to open your blog and see a whole new look! I like it. But you still haven't updated us on the wedding you went to!