Friday, September 01, 2006

What Newlyweds REALLY do the first few months . . .

So, Lance and I have been very busy lately. We've been working on a few major DIY projects trying to get our inherited furniture to match.

We got a great solid oak huge dining table from his parents. It's got a few bumps and dents, but it's a great size for entertaining and having gaming sessions. But, we hated the colour and the style of legs. So, we stripped it, sanded it, stained it, and varnished it (with varnish, not lacquer!). We had a few set backs along the way. Like when we left it out in the hot sun to dry and the wood expanded and fell apart! Or when we were putting what we thought was the final coat of varnish on and a sudden rain storm swept in leaving little white marks on it. But we finally got it finished. We even picked new legs and stained those as well. We both love the way it turned out!

A slightly smaller table project was painting the veneer coffee table with tile inlay to match. This coffee table was from my side of the family. I think it's a fabulous coffee table. Luckily, this project went a lot faster and didn't have any setbacks. It was a simple matter of disassemble, sand, prime, paint, and varnish. Incidentally, the one smallish can of varnish got us through both tables! The dining table ended up having 6-7 coats of varnish in the end. The coffee table we didn't put as many on, only a couple.

We've already jumped into our next major project of painting the concrete in the garage. I probably won't post pictures of that one, since it isn't quite so decorative. Just a functional fix for the dust problem in our exercise area.

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