Saturday, July 01, 2006

Long Weekend

Well, for the first time in a while, I actually get a long weekend! Because the holiday is a Saturday, the job where I work on Saturday is closed that day. Sunday is my normal day off. Then, because my other job isn't open on Saturday, they are taking the holiday on Monday, so I get another day off! I'm so happy!

Lance is pretty happy because he gets a normal weekend. He has to work on Monday, but he does get today and tomorrow off. It isn't very common that he gets two days off a week anymore.

Now, what to do. I haven't been overly ambitious like I usually am about getting absolutely everything done this weekend. But, there are a few things I'd like to make sure get done.

I'll be working on just tidying up the house a bit and getting one bathroom cleaned. I may also vacuum, since it's needed. I also have to study for my big exam that's coming up. And then there are a few odds and ends. We are quite close to finishing our table project (finally). So, I hope to get that done this weekend too.

I'm not certain how much I want to work out this weekend. I'll definitely exercise though.

I also have my first "cleanse" planned for Sunday evening/Monday. It's a liver/gall bladder cleanse and isn't as drastic as some of the others I've read about. You only fast for half a day, and drink only mildly strange concoctions that aren't expensive to buy. Then, it just involves long periods spent in the bathroom (I plan on finishing my Mary Stewart novel). That's why I planned part of it for the day that Lance has to work. Afterwards your sides sometimes feel a bit sore, and you're supposed to take it easy physically and with what you're eating. So, I rented Ella Enchanted, a movie I've wanted to see for a while, and I'll have a bit of a pyjama day afterwards. I can't wait!

I'm also planning on doing a few more blog posts this weekend. I really want to get all the recent pictures up here for everyone to see.


Dynamitedianne said...

I found Ella Enchanted to be lots of fun... hope you enjoy it!

Kim said...

When is your big exam anyway?

Jenn said...

We watched Ella Enchanted last night and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I'll probably watch it again tomorrow too.

The big exam is July 12th.