Friday, June 30, 2006

Indian Dinner in Vancouver

So, a little while ago some friends all got together to put on an Indian themed dinner. This is a bit of a tradition amongst my group of friends. We've been getting together for a number of years and trying our hands at making Mexican, Japanese, Italian, German, and even Irish cuisine.

This picture was our lovely hostess for the evening. Everyone descended on their small apartment and they did a great job of fitting us all in and making sure everyone had enough to eat and drink.

Here's a picture of the kid who always steals the show. I think he was more excited by the fact that he could run through the kitchen and around through the living room again, and again, and again, . . . than he was about the food.

The most intimidating thing about the evening was knowing that we were going to have a couple of Indian people there. I mean, if you mess up an Irish recipe, chances are, no one really knows the difference. I mean, how many Irish-Canadians still serve traditional Irish food daily? Not so with Indo-Canadians though. These are the foods they grew up with and they know if it's supposed to taste that way. My dish happened to be a fruit salad with spicy peppers ground up into it. I had to wonder at the authenticity of the website I found the recipe from, when neither of these two lovely ladies had ever had it, or heard of it before.

And as we were heading home, we got a chance to spot some local wildlife. Luckily, it was not the notorious Vancouver skunk, but instead a couple of shy racoons. This was the best shot I managed to get. Check out those eyes! Posted by Picasa

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