Monday, July 03, 2006

A few random photos . . .

Ok, this first photo is one I am rather proud of. It was taken on Father's Day at hubby's parent's house. Hubby took the picture. But, the reason I'm particularly proud of it is because of the tweaking I did to it. I think it turned out really cool looking with the colour changes that I did.

Ok, next photo, this is hubby's younger brother (taken the same day as the one above). I took the picture and even though it blurred, I think it looks cool too!

Picutre no. 3 is me and hubby on Father's Day. Hubby recently got a haircut and trimmed the beard so he no longer looks like a bushman ;)

Last picture is one I call "suburban stupidity." Now, I have nothing against people wanting to have nice lush green lawns. I also have nothing against the concept of automatic sprinklers. But, take a look at the thin strip of grass that's actually being watered! There is an area of road/sidewalk equal to the grass that is also being watered. Why? It's just being wasted! There are numerous people in my neighbourhood who will actually set something like this up and let it run for hours! It boggles my mind at how easily they waste something as precious as water. They could very easily water their entire yard by hand, but instead they choose to do this and waste water. This isn't even the worst of what I've seen. There are days when I literally cannot walk on the sidewalk or I will get sprayed by multiple sprinklers! It frustrates me to no end. I think there might be a few more of these pictures over the course of the summer.
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Jenn said...

Ok, the spacing is consistently wierd when I try to blog photos this way. I'll have to keep playing with the easiest way to do it.