Saturday, June 03, 2006

High School Reunion

Tonight I get to attend a high school reunion! Not my own (that won't be happening for another couple of years yet) but my husbands. My husband went to a bit of a unique high school. They specialized in the fine arts and the classes were very small. In fact, when I checked on the venue for this evening, the room we're in only holds 50 people! If every single one of his classmates came, they could all fit. It's a good thing that not all of his classmates are coming, because that means that the guests can actually fit in there as well.

The other unique thing about their school, since it was so small, is that everyone knew everyone else. And, many of them still do. So, there are quite a few people who will be there, who we already enjoy spending time with. Instead of a catch up evening, for some people it'll just be another social event together to have fun.

My goals for the evening are to be social, enjoy myself, and take pictures! I've got a fabulous digital camera and no pictures of my friends. My secondary goal for the evening is to actually share some of the pictures. After all, they are digital, and sharing them is so freaking easy with services like picasa and So, hopefully you'll not only get a report of the evening, but also a few pictures as well :)

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Kim said...

Where are the pics? I want to add pics to my blog one of these days too :-)