Sunday, June 04, 2006

Brief Reunion Recap

So this will just be a brief post. I have two more events today, to which I'm bringing my digital camera, so I'll try to do the pictures all at the same time.

So, my goals were to be social, take pictures, and then share the pictures. I can say I was about as social as the occassion allowed. One of the interesting side effects of such a small tight-knit group, many of whom still see each other, is that they all know who they want to talk to. As a wife/date, you aren't that person. So, there will be the nice little bit of chatting when you're introduced, but they really want to see how so-and-so is doing, or ask if they've seen so-and-so2. Luckily, I knew quite a few of the people there, so I wasn't totally abandoned to the realms of the lonely chairs. The other hindrance was that the music was way too loud! I mean, the dance floor took up a big chunk of the room and there wasn't a lot of room to sit and chat away from the main portion. So, you were yelling the whole time. Not exactly conducive to small talk either.

But, the food was good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I'll post more specific observations when I have pictures to accompany them.

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