Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Double Monday

I just recovered from what I describe as a double Monday - two consecutive crummy days. Yesterday was just generally blah. Today had a whole series of events to sour my mood. I'm not in a totally crummy mood mind you, but here's a run-down of the "Monday-ish" items that happened.

  • woke up late - never a good way to start the day
  • was uninspired for lunch which was compounded by the late start
  • managed to plan out my to-do list and forget to synch my palm pilot
  • spilled hot tea on myself and the floor
  • missed an opportunity to get to know a girl from Saudi Arabia
  • was told that yet another resource is missing at work
  • had the button come off my pants (luckily there are also little metal slide things to hold them up)
  • got to be on a bus with a giant paper wasp on it (fear of wasps and bees)
I am very glad that tomorrow is Wednesday because it's a rare thing for me to have a Monday-ish Wednesday.


Kim said...

Yuck! Sounds like a sucky day! Which other resource is missing from work?

Jenn said...

Apparently some of the listening CDs cannot be found.