Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Keeping up with Technology

I love technology.  In fact, I'm a bit of a gadget addict.  I love trying out cool new programs for my computer and tailoring all my techno toys to my preferences.  However, it frustrates me that I can't keep up with technology.  Another prime example happened just today with Picasa and Flickr.

I discovered Picasa shortly after getting a digital camera.  It became clear that I needed a way to organize my photos, and Picasa is a wonderful tool that does just that - organizes them.  It also has some other bonus features, but for me, the organization was really all I wanted.  And, it delivered.  I was happy and everything was good.

Then, at another time, I wanted to share my photos online.  I knew others that did it, and it was cool.  One of the important features for me was that it allow remote hosting so I could post photos on message boards too.  I set up a buzznet account, but I found the interface too clunky for my purposes, and hence, I rarely updated. 

Recently, I'd been feeling the need to share photos again, and started researcing what was out there.  I came across some really cool different sites.  The one that I liked the most was Flickr though.  They have a drag and drop uploader tool and the ability to tag pictures.  Plus, I knew from looking at one or two other Flickr accounts, it's quite easy to look at a friends pictures (i.e. no lengthy loading times, etc.).  So, I started my own Flickr account.  I've just started using it, so there isn't too much up there . . . yet.

My only lament was that it was still a bit tricky for me to know which photos from Picasa I wanted to upload.  I mean, it's doable, but I was upset that they don't naturally mesh together in an intuitive and user friendly way. 

Today, I just heard the news that now there is a new feature in Picasa that integrates a Google photo sharing aspect as well.   So, now you can have google photo albums shared online!  This, just AFTER I set up a Flickr account and get intrigued by all the features Flickr has to offer.  *sigh*

Oh well.  Even though I know that the Google offering will improve, for the time being Flickr still has some pretty cool features that I'm enjoying.  So, I'll just stick where I'm at and email photos to my Flickr account to make the uploading even easier than it already is.

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Kim said...

Ahhh, that explains why I got directed to your flickr account when I clicked on photoblog from your website! I thought I was going nuts!!