Monday, June 12, 2006

Birthday Pictures

Ok, so these pictures are from a while ago, but I remembered that I wanted to post them so here goes. I realize only now that I don't actually have any pictures of the person whose birthday we were celebrating. It was for my good friend Sheryl who is the mother and wife of the two in the picture here.

The cake was made by Sheryl's husband Koji. She is the organist at my church so he made her a pipe organ cake. The "pipes" had sparklers in them. When we lit them one of the tubes caught fire. Don't worry though! It was small and easily extinguished.

This picture I just find so cute! The three year-old loves to play video games already. He and my husband get along so well when they have a chance to play together. I just love the look of concentration they both have while they play Super Monkey Ball 2.

And one last picture. This is me. You can see the little guy in the background. I thought it looked kinda neat and four is the magic photo-blogging number for Picasa, so here ya go. Posted by Picasa

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