Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've been meaning to sort through our old collection of cutlery for some time now.  Since we got a new set of cutlery, we've only been using the old stuff for lunches.  We will hopefully be able to pass on the old cutlery to hubby's younger brother when he moves out in fall (according to the current plan anyway). 

So, since I wanted to make sure it was all nice and clean and organized, I was going to organize into place settings according to the different patterns.  I knew it was a jumble of hand-me-downs from several sources, but I never really stopped to look at how many different patterns we had.

Well, I finally got around to sorting through it.  There are no fewer than 7 patterns represented.  Plus, not one pattern has one complete place setting!  So much for being all nice and organized about this.  I guess I'll just have to put together as many sets as I can!

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