Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jenn: 0 - Tofu Terriyaki 1

I should have known better than to eat out for lunch! I felt fine right up until I went to bed last night around 11. However, at around 1 o'clock I woke up feeling like the star of a Pepto Bismal commercial. I had EVERY symptom. So, I spent the next 8 hours stumbling between the bathroom and the bed, getting 10-30 minute little naps in between visiting the toilet for the southern and northern exodus of the Asian takeout from my body.

Unfortunately for me, I'd recently finished my book and the apartment was so packed that there was nothing for me to grab for diversion or entertainment while in the bathroom. Even resorting to my childhood habit of reading the fronts and backs of the bottles in the cupboard provided very little material for me, since most of the bottles were in a box in our living room. But, it's not like anything in the box could have provided me with relief anyways, since we don't have any pepto, immodium, or kaopectate. Therefore, I spent a lot of time pondering the strange water-cooler-esque gurgling sounds emanating from my intestines, and coining different phrases for this blog.

So, it's now almost 12 hours later and I think the worst of it is over. I haven't eaten anything and I'm feeling incredibly dehydrated. So, I think I'm going to see how a little bit of food agrees with me, and perhaps try to crawl back into bed for a little bit more rest. It's such a shame because my to-do list for today was actually quite long and I was looking forward to getting a lot of it done. I guess I'll see how much I can accomplish this afternoon.

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Kim said...

Aw sweetie, that sucks! I wish I could have been sick for you! Guess you won't be eating at that restaurant again soon!