Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tanning and Other Stuff Too

I just got back from my first indoor tanning session
today. It was interesting. I only went for the
shortest time possible (5 min). I'm just going so I
can build up a base tan for when we go to Mexico on
our honeymoon. I also want to see if it actually
makes a difference with my psoriasis. All the people
who have helped me have been incredibly friendly and
informative. I'll give further updates on how this
affects my psoriasis if/when I see results.

In other news, we had company over last night. It was
very enjoyable. Our friends' son was very
entertaining! He found our body ball pretty quickly
and had great fun with the giant ball along with
Lance! It was like have two little kids in the
apartment :)

Time is moving so quickly toward the wedding and the
move and the vacation in Mexico! I'm getting flashes
of excitement mixed with panic. Everything seems to
be coming together fairly well though. This weekend
we got a lot of stuff done. Thursday we met with the
photographer. Yesterday we met with the organist (one
of my friends who came over). She doesn't have all
the music I picked, but is going to try to find it and
learn it in time for the wedding. How cool is that?!
Tomorrow we are going to go to church and have a talk
with our minister and start arranging some of the
ceremony things. Hopefully we'll also figure out the
state of the flowers when we talk to Lance's mom.

We finally got in touch with the townhouse people.
We've booked a walkthrough for March 15th, which is
only 4 1/2 weeks away now. I'm going to try to get my
mom and step-dad to come with us to ensure we catch
all the deficiencies. This reminds me, I should
probably pack another box this weekend. I'm going to
put away some of the bathroom stuff that won't be
needed before the move/wedding.

I also have a visit to my dad and step-mom coming up
in a week, which I'm very excited about! The next
week is my bridal shower, which I'm very excited
about! The week after that is Lance's stag and my
stagette, which I'm very excited about! Do you sense
an overall theme here?

I've decided that I can't check the wedding registry
anymore. I don't want to spoil the surprise of what
I'm getting from people. It's going to be hard to
keep myself from looking because I'm curious to find
out what people are buying.

Well, I meant this to be a short quick update about
tanning, but I guess I actually covered a lot.

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