Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ok, so I have to make a post about the Olympics this
year. I'm not a huge fan of the Olympics, but the
older I get, the more interest I take in the art,
talent, hard work, and incredible courage of the
athletes who compete at this level. So, I'm
interested in watching the various events and seeing
the results.

Ironically, this year I'm seeing the least amount of
Olympics I ever have. I have been without cable tv
for quite a few years now. I enjoy it almost all the
time. However, I'm finding it frustrating now since I
actually want to watch something. We have rabbit
ears, but I haven't yet mustered the necessary
patience to properly configure them for adequate
viewing (I give up after a few moments of trying to
get a clear picture).

Anyway, I've been a bit hungry for news, but most
places I regularly look (Yahoo and Globe and Mail) are
presenting results in article format or through a
series of clicks. I want something fast, easy, and
comprehensive that'll give me the info I want at a

Today, I found that site in an unlikely place:
Wikipedia. Many people are already initiated into the
online encyclopedia built by users. I was aware that
it delivered news content, but never really think to
look there for my news. So, imagine my delight and
surprise when I see that they have an Olympic report
set up in their trademark encyclopedia entry format.
It's complete with a little overview at the top so you
can jump to any section you wish. Then there are
daily highlights of things that happen. You can see
who won which medals and other important events (such
as the women's hockey lopsided victory, or the first
Olympic records to be broken at this year's games).

So, the weather channel will have some brief company
as the wikipedia Olympic coverage becomes one of my
most frequently clicked upon links.

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