Sunday, February 19, 2006

3 days

I was thinking about the upcoming months with all the
planning stuff and preparing stuff for move and
wedding and I realized, I only have 3 days. There are
only 3 days that I have "free" between now and April
1st. Every other day is filled with some scheduled
event like work, a party, or some other kind of plan.
And, now that I've typed that, I realize that even
these 3 "free" days are ones in which we normally have
our gaming session at a friend's house.

Actually, things are coming along quite well in the
planning department. Nothing truly panic-worthy has
come up. However, despite this, I still sometimes get
a panicky feeling like we're missing or forgetting

I am sort of glad for my lack of free time. It means
that the time is going to pass by really quickly!
That'll bring us to exciting move time and exciting
wedding time even faster! Free time would probably
just drag by. Every weekend I feel like the preceding
week was just here a second ago. Plus, less free time
gives me less time to think and worry about stuff,
which is never good.

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