Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wind Power

We've been having a couple of wind storms this week. Yesterday was a really big one. There were flash floods in Delta and several people had trees fall onto their homes.

Lance and I got home from work and some grocery shopping and noticed that we were having some strange power issues. First of all, no lights on the stairs or in the hallways. We had to navigate by sound and feel while carrying bags full of groceries. When we got into our apartment, the first couple of lights turned on no problem. But then we noticed that our answering machine wasn't on, and a few other lights wouldn't turn on.

Our computer both work (thankfully) and we have candles and enough working lights to get by. However, our stove won't heat up all the way, only partially. And our main fridge has no power. Luckily, we have a smaller fridge that is still working. Even so, we couldn't fit all our food into it. So, the most perishable items are crammed into the little fridge, and some of the other food was left in the big fridge. There are a few things that we usually keep in the fridge, but don't need to be there, so those things are littering our counter space.

On the bright side of things, this will put a serious dent in our candle supply. Another thing we won't have to move! Plus, we won't have to do a major fridge defrost before moving, since it's naturally taking place on its own. We just open the fridge and empty the drip tray every once in a while.

I feel really bad for the other tenants who may not have a second fridge in which to keep their perishable foods. However, maybe some of them have fridges that work.

We weren't sure if maybe it wasn't just a problem with our fuses. The apartment still uses the old glass fuses that you need to buy in order to replace. However, we checked the fuses that aren't working and the fuse is still good. But, we can't get any power.

The other unfortunate thing is that our treadmill doesn't work and there isn't any heat in the apartment. Usually we don't even turn our unit's heater on because we get so much warmth from the first floor apartments. However, I must assume that no one has heat since our apartment is freezing cold! At least we have hot water still, so we can take a hot shower or bath to warm up.

We have some errands to run today, but I really hope we'll have power restored by the time we get home tonight!

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Kim said...

Wow, those are freaky power issues! I thought it was bad enough yesterday not having power for those few hours in the morning when I was home to need/want power!