Monday, January 09, 2006

Sleepy Monday Morning

I'm feeling very sleepy this morning and I thought I'd do a quick blog entry before jumping in to work.

Last night, despite being tired, I could not get to sleep.  So, I'm operating on a few hours only.  Hopefully tonight will go a bit better.  I was mostly feeling anxious about wedding things, like how I would wear my hair, and where we would get our pictures taken.  Since they say it isn't a good idea to lie in bed when you can't sleep, I got up and tried a few things with my hair.  I also emailed the City of Langley Parks Department asking them about their locations and if there are any fees, etc.  I felt a bit better, but still couldn't really get to sleep.

Over the weekend I got a surprise gift from my sister.  It's a weather trivia calendar to help feed my obsession with the weather.  I haven't had a chance to open it or take a look at it.  I think I'll probably leave it wrapped up until we move.  Speaking of which, . . .

The current plan is to move the week before the wedding.  We'd like to try to get away for a honeymoon afterwards and probably won't feel like moving after we have to get back to the real world anyway.  So, we'll probably do a big move the Sunday before, and finish up throughout the week with some smaller trips in mornings and evenings around our work schedules.  I also may take a couple of days off of work to get some stuff moved around and get a few wedding details generally dealt with.

Well, I think this is the longest blog entry my conscience will let me get a way with when I should be working. 

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