Saturday, January 07, 2006


Aack! Everyone I know has already posted a blog entry in the new year. Well, this first one will be a quick one, but it will carry with it the promise of return.

My new year was a lot like my Christmas and most other times of my life . . . busy! I worked through most of it, only getting the Sundays and stat Mondays off from working. That was ok though. It was a treat getting two whole days off in a row again! Haven't had that luxury since September.

It has really hit me that my wedding is less than 4 months away now. So everything has pretty much been wedding/moving concerns. I promise, the invitations are almost ready to be sent. We're hoping to get the postage early next week and drop them in mail boxes or hand deliver them. So if you see someone swathed in rain protective gear surreptitiously pulling something from under their coat to slide into your mailbox/slot before running back to their get-away vehicle, it's probably just us and we didn't want the invitation getting wet.

I always do New Years Resolutions. I don't call them that though. It's more like my plan for this year. And, it's generally nothing to radical. I just take a minute to check my course, make a few minor course corrections if necessary and head toward the undiscovered country of the future. So, I'm hoping to get a post up about my reflections on 2005 and my plans for 2006 really soon.

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Kim said...

Good post! Love the writing style and imagery of this one . . . and don't worry, if I see you trying to shove something into my mail box I won't be alarmed, though in my case you may want to give it to me in person since it would be weird to mail me one! Also, I don't think you'd be able to put anything in my mail box since you don't have a key to open it! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe