Monday, October 31, 2005

TEFL et al

Well, I'm almost finished my TEFL certificate! I
finished the last module of the online segment today.
Now I just need to finish the grammar booklet.
Hopefully that won't take too long and then they'll
mail my certificate to me.

Then the next bit of training I'm going to take is
another insurance course. I need to get two more of
those under my belt and then I'll be able to get my
next certificate level. It'll also be good because
more certification also relates to the amount of money
I'll be getting paid.

My curriculum development work is making good progress
right now. I've finished all the major syllabi.
What's left is some polishing touches (which, I'm not
even sure the administration will see as
necessary--because they aren't teachers) and the
tests. The tests will be tricky, time-consuming, and
not very fun to create. I like to make thorough
tests, but I'll have to make sure it'll fit in one
class. I'm also waiting on some tests I ordered that
fit with a certain language arts program. It would be
a lot easier to simply use those tests since they are
already finished and ready to go. But, this company
is notorious for sending stuff late!

Well, I guess this has been enough of a time-waster.
I'll promise again to try to get another psoriasis
update here soon!

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