Thursday, November 03, 2005

Slow Day

Today has been quite slow at work. So far I've only
had 3 actual transactions and answered a couple of
questions. But, I still have had some stuff to do so
it's not too bad. I hope we get a little bit busier
for the last 2 hours though!

They are doing quite a bit of construction in and
around the mall lately. Every once in a while, the
whole building will shake as something happens
somewhere else. It's a bit like living in a fairy
tale land where a giant has just stomped his feet.

Yesterday, the office tower was struck by lightening
so we had a flash and a brief moment of darkness as
the power switched off and the generators kicked in.

Time is moving so quickly! It's already November and
Christmas is approaching. Plus we are getting very
chilly winter temperatures. It's not enough to drive
me into my parka, but I've definitely been drinking
more warm beverages lately.

*contented sigh* Life has been dreamlike lately. If
I am dreaming, I have to wonder why I still feel so
sleepy lately (hee hee hee).

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