Friday, October 21, 2005

Bus Chat

I had a very pleasant conversation on the busride home from work. It is very unusual that any conversation I have with a complete stranger on the busride home is a pleasant one (at least from my perspective), but this one was very nice. And, as a sidenote, he looked and spoke in a very similar way as another one of my friends who is currently in New York.

The conversation was prompted by the Verbal Judo book that I am reading. The gentleman in question was curious about it and we had a discussion about communication issues and business in general. It seems that he is very interested in positive communication encounters because he is entering the massage therapy field, where client/practitioner communications are very important.

He was a really nice guy who spoke very well and explained his thoughts clearly and concisely.

Wherever you are, Michael, future massage therapist, I wish you the best of success. Maybe our paths will cross again someday!

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