Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Almost Halloween

Well, it's almost Hallowe'en and I have absolutely no
idea what kind of costume to wear (if I wear anything
at all).

This weekend is a Hallowe'en costume party with a
theme. The theme is the love child of any two people.
It has to be recognizeable too. I have no ideas
about any possible costume. I'm quite happy that I
won't have to wear a costume to work on Hallowe'en

I just don't find this holiday that fun anymore. When
I was younger I enjoyed dressing up and dreamed of the
day I could get an elaborate costume. Now it just
seems like too much trouble for one day. Plus, I
don't even enjoy the abundant amounts of chocolate and
candy anymore.

The one nice thing about it, is that it brings us one
step closer to the new year and everything exciting
that will happen at that time!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Too bad they aren't famous outside of KGIC circles . . . you could go to your costume party as the love child of Chet and Ian! All you'd need is a scruffy beard, glasses, a slight beer belly, and sloppy clothes :-)