Saturday, October 22, 2005

dragging day

Well, today is another weekend at the insurance
office. Last Saturday we were really busy! We ended
up staying about a half an hour late. So far, it
doesn't look like we'll have that problem today. I
just keep watching the clock and being amazed that
it's not even 3 o'clock yet.

A big part of the reason for the drag is that today
we've got really slow internet service. This morning
our ADSL line was down completely so we had to use
dial-up instead to do business. Now the ADSL is back
up, but everything is still really slow. I've got a
bunch of work I can be doing, but it all involves the
internet. So, I'll spend 20-25 minutes checking three
files because I keep having to wait a couple of
minutes for each page to load!

There are a couple of other reasons today is going by
so slowly too. Tonight I get to go to the awesome
Greek theme dinner. Although I fear that the
contribution of Lance and I will be less than stellar.
Although, we both have been working all week long and
didn't really have a chance to prepare anything more
complex. Hopefully everyone will still like it

The other reason everything feels slow is because I'm
tired today. Lance and I had company last night and
had such a great time we didn't realize how quickly it
got to be midnight. We were playing a really fun card
game that is sort of like poker with dragon cards.
It's DnD based, but I think anyone could enjoy it! It
was a lot of fun even when I wasn't winning everyone's

Well, hopefully this post will go through without the
system timing out AGAIN!

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