Saturday, April 11, 2009

Star Trek: TNG Season 1 – We’ll Always Have Paris

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The pacing of this episode felt rather slow to me and the crisis didn’t feel very urgent.  This is what happens when time experiments go terribly wrong!  But that doesn’t feel like the main story for this episode.  It’s actually all about Picard and his old flame resolving things.  Tangentially, it’s also about Dr. Crusher dealing with her feelings for Picard and helps establish some of the sexual tension there.  I wish they’d had more of that aspect and less of the old flame.*

Cool Science/Tech:

  • non-linear time experiments
  • Anti-matter patching the time rift**

Fun Stuff:

  • We get to see more of Picard’s hobbies – fencing!  Unfortunately, my husband reports that they had terrible fencing form.

*The outfit his old flame was wearing made me cringe every time she was on screen.  Silver shiny baggy jumpsuit – yuck!

**You know you’ve watched too much Star Trek when you start to remember inconsistencies in the science of Trek . . . “But didn’t Wesley say in that other episode that there is only one correct matter/anti-matter ratio?”

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