Friday, April 10, 2009

Star Trek: TNG Season 1 – Skin of Evil

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There are many people who rejoice at this episode as it marks the end of a character that they didn’t particularly like and is the beginning of the reconfiguration to the bridge crew that we all came to know and love. 

The episode really speaks to the value of life as well as being a comment on how your environment and experiences can shape you.  For all the advancements of the Star Trek universe, this episode also demonstrates that there are some things that even they cannot overcome, such as death.

One of the things in this episode that I had totally forgotten about, but liked this time around was Deanna’s role in her own rescue.  Even though she was trapped in the shuttle, she was still using her knowledge of psychology to do what she could to help her own situation.  Her resolve, intuition, and wisdom are really what makes her character excel in her position.  It’s refreshing to see a woman character who succeeds at being awesome without supreme athletic skills or a niche specialty.

I found the ending sad this time through.  They just left the skin of evil there and couldn’t help at all.  He wasn’t saved or destroyed, he was left there for an eternity of rage, sadness, and loneliness.  I guess it was one more problem that they didn’t have the resources to tackle and had to just accept it as is.

Cool Science/Tech:

  • A holo-recorded speech

Fun Stuff

  • A reference to Data as ‘tin man’ by the creature.  Maybe one day I’ll do a blog post highlighting all the literary aspects of the Trek universe . . . if I’ve got the time.


  • No goodbyes just good memories ~ Tasha Yar

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