Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hairstyles through my ages . . .

I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a change of hairstyle lately, but am lacking inspiration.  I picked up a magazine to look through the styles, but realized what looked good in the magazine, might not look good on me.  Then I thought I’d dig through my old photos to see what hairstyles I’ve had in the past, just in case anything popped out at me.

Here I am with my thin wispy hair as a baby.  I don’t think I’d go back to a hairstyle this short!








I don’t think we ever actually used a bowl for this particular hair cut, but you almost could have.  See how much more easily my sister’s hair held that curl around her face?  My fine hair still doesn’t hold a hair style very easily.

See my cowlick?  They were traumatic for me.  I’m still scared to have bangs in case it’s still there.  Does anyone know if you grow out of them?  (Oh yeah, and I know I have a weird expression in this picture.  Makes me giggle whenever I see it.)





At times I’m grateful that my hair is so thin.  For instance, it means that this is the best I could ever manage at the feathered bangs look that was so popular then.  This is probably one of my most cringe-worthy 80’s hair-do’s and it was the last time that I had bangs.




<Use your imagination to insert embarrassing perm picture here.  Because my hair was so thin, it thankfully only lasted about a year.>

Before re-discovering this picture, I’d been thinking about getting an almost identical length bob.  Then I found this picture and have changed my mind about going back to all one length.






I let my hair grow and grow and grow, and then my adventures in layers began.

Layers &more layers


My hair is still currently layered, though it’s so long that the layers don’t really frame my face at all.

So there you have it.  If you want to check out more of my pictures, you can look at my Flickr account.  I’m still not sure what I’ll do with my hair.  If you have some inspiration for a great haircut for me, let me know in the comments! 


Genie Sea said...
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Genie Sea said...

How fun! An Adventure in Hairstyles! :)

My best advice? Go to a really good hair dresser, one you trust, and let him/her work the magic. :)

Hmmm. blogger is being diva-ish today... Let's see if this goes through.

Kim said...

Seeing the old pictures was fun! The expression on your face in that one picture made me giggle too :-)

I agree with the previous comment. If you can't decide on your own, go to a hair dresser and get their opinion. They are the experts and will know what kind of shapes your kind of hair will hold. You can mention your earlier problems with bangs and curls, etc.

Whatever happens, just run screaming from the room if anyone approaches you with a pair of scissors and a bowl!