Thursday, October 02, 2008

Phone Frustration

So, my phone has gone and died on me. Well, not entirely. It seems as though the speaker is just shot. So I can still make a phone call, but no sound actually gets transmitted. Plus, it seems to be having a few problems handling text messages too.

I've yet to get a chance to bring it in anywhere to get it looked at, so I have no idea if it's fixable or how much it would cost to fix it. Plus, since I bought the phone from a place that refurbishes them to begin with, there isn't any kind of warranty to fall back on - my own fault.

So, I'm starting to consider the possibility that I might just have to buy a new phone. The problem being that I like sexy smart phones and hate being locked into expensive phone plans. So, it would probably be a fairly major investment. And, I then have the dilemma of what kind of phone to purchase. I've been very unimpressed with the task management with this phone. So, it's tempting to check out a Treo. But then there are also all kinds of new phones on the market. I don't think I'd get an iPhone, but a new Blackberry or the Android (if those are even being sold in Canada yet) might be a good option for me. Must do some pondering.


Sacred Suzie said...

What a bummer! There tech movement is way too fast for me. We don't even use voice mail with our cell. The things you can do now with these high tech phones is crazy! People are saying the blackberry is out but just get what you want, right?

Frugal Dreamer said...

Aw - that's too bad. I hate cell phone providers, and i know what you mean about those expensive phone plans! Ugh.