Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Planning for a Reward

I am very bad and giving myself rewards for anything. So, I find it helps to plan for them a bit. This week, I am at the 40 push-up stage of my 50 push-up challenge and I realized that I should probably have some sort of ‘yay me!’ moment at the end of it all. But, I’m having trouble coming up with much. I don’t want it to be something expensive but I don’t want it to be something too small either.

I have until November 30th to figure it out, since then I will be officially ‘done.’ It’s kind of odd that completing that goal will correspond with finishing NaNoWriMo 2008. NaNo is its own reward since you (theoretically) have a manuscript when you’re done. Plus, there’s a party (though I couldn’t make it to the one last year) and lots of co-participants to congratulate you. My push-up challenge is just something I’m doing on my own so I don’t have the same group mindset.

For some possible rewards, here’s what I’ve come up with so far . . .

* Read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer (from the library, so I don’t have to spend money)
* ?????

And that’s where I get stumped. Since push-ups is an exercise, I feel as though my reward should at least not be unhealthy (ie. chocolate, dinner out, etc). But I always find myself at a loss for coming up with rewards and scheduling them in.

Anyone have any great ideas for me?


Kim said...

I think a reward is a great idea! As for reading the Twilight series, you don't have to get them out of the library since I have them! Here are some other suggestions I have:

- treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure (they can be cheap, depending on where you go)
- take yourself out to a movie, or let your sister treat you to one (you don't have to have any snacks if you don't want to eat something bad for you)
- buy a new workout outfit

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh that is good news you can get the books for free! Yay! The movie comes out late November, definitely try and read the books first.

I know it costs money but how about a CD? or a DVD? Or dye your hair a new colour? Go out dancing, that's healthy if you're not drinking.

Celebrate you!

Jenn said...

@sacred suzie - hmmm, if it's coming out late November, I'm not sure if I'll be able to read them all before the movie if I'm only starting that late.

A new DVD is definitely a possibility if there's one that I can think of that I really want.

I don't think I'd dye my hair since I love my current colour. But if I haven't gotten a hair cut by then, I might just do that.

L also came up with the idea of doing a movie theme night and renting some movies to watch at home. There were a bunch we missed this summer that I wouldn't mind watching.

I have 10 weeks to decide though, so hopefully that's enough time!