Monday, July 30, 2007

Women's Health Ultimate Fitness Plan Update - July 29

I've felt really bad this month that I haven't been sticking to a workout schedule as closely as I would have liked. We did have swimming lessons twice a week and I think I managed a couple workouts in between as well. But, I neglected many of the agility, flexibility, and balance exercises this month. So, it's not surprising that I haven't seen positive gains. My cardio I know has suffered. Swimming is a great workout, but I'm not at the level that it can maintain my cardio endurance.

It's time to switch up the exercises again. There are definitely quite a few of the strength training ones from this last set that I'll keep. The fact that I didn't do the balance, flexibility, and agility ones should tell you how those ones will stick. One of the new flexibility exercises is one that I have already come across via FitSugar. It's called pigeon and I already love it, so I'm looking forward to starting that one regularly. Hopefully August will be a bit calmer than July, although we already have a lot of social commitments lined up. We'll also need to decide what fitness stuff we're signing up for in the fall.

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