Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Women's Health Ultimate Fitness: One Month

So, it's been about one month since I started the ultimate fitness challenge and so far I'm enjoying the program. I'm not going terribly hard core, but the plan is helping me keep focussed on exercise, which is definitely a good thing. There are weeks where I miss a session or I cut it short, but I'm still managing about 5 workouts/week. Here are the up-to-date graphs . . .

So first is my heart fitness. You'll notice a big drop in my heart rate! I'm not sure, but I may have messed up when checking my heart rate. I'm terrible at counting my own pulse. But, I'm still going to try the more intense cardio sessions. They are longer sessions, more intense intervals, and more 'roof raising' sessions. What I've been doing on some days is splitting the cardio into two shorter runs, which works out ok. We'll see how my cardio is in another 2-weeks/month.

My upper body strength has felt a bit more solid. I think I definitely am improving. I also think once I get back to kick boxing class, it'll improve even more.

My lower body is definitely improving. The running and the exercises are helping with that. I can't wait to do some kicks with some extra power!

Today my balance felt better. I am definitely improving. I haven't improved enough to go up one category yet, but I'm slowly progressing.

My agility has also improved. I'm able to jump quicker and I'm jumping back and forth from line to line with greater consistency. The exercises definitely help with this one!

My flexibility has not yet progressed to the next level. But, this category is a bit difficult to judge. I love the stretches in the program though! It's too bad I wasn't testing my flexibility before I began kick boxing since I've definitely seen improvement in my kick height (when I started my goal was to kick my own stomach height and now I can consistently kick to my own chest/shoulder height, sometimes stretching it to my own neck/head level).

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