Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Curse Chronicles - May 26 edition

Well, I have to say that Saturdays haven't been too bad lately. But, it seems that today, is one of the cursed ones. We have been very quiet. Plus, about half of the things I could be doing to keep busy are not available to me right now, simply because we have switched over some computer systems, and not all the programs are running as they should.

Other things today that have also gone wrong . . .

The outfit I planned to wear didn't work out because my sweater started unravelling. My only nice black sweater. So, not only did I have to completely change my outfit, but I also now need to find another sweater.

We were supposed to bring a dish to a family birthday potluck tonight. Made it all up in advance last night. Completely forgot it in the fridge this morning. Luckily, mom saved me and picked it up for us!

Gah, I need a break! Maybe a walk through the mall will help things a bit.

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